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1 301-RRC9200-1104L 301RRC92001104L
2 LCD30-500 LCD30500
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RCA 27V513T Remote Control

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This is the original remote that came in the
box with your equipment. It is made to work
with your equipment and does NOT need any
programming. It works right out of the box.
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(No Longer Available)
27V513T RCA    
The manufacturer sometimes runs out of spare remotes
and substitutes a slightly different Original remote.
It may look a little different, but will still operate
everything the Original Remote did.
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Substitute 27V513T RCA $24.90
Additional Information
We Guarantee you'll be happy with your remote or we'll buy it back. If you're happy
with us, tell others, if not, please tell us.
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All Remotes come with a One Year Money Back Guarantee
Please Note: The original remote (27V513T) is no longer available.
The remote below is the recommended substitute remote. Substitute remotes provide similar functionality to the original, although there may be minor differences.
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Original Remote
(No Longer Available)
Substitute Remote
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